3 thoughts on “HumanGPS™ and Perception

  1. I enjoyed how my mind shifted with the changing of egg to each perception. It helped me see how strongly my goals determine my perception! The chicken perception was fun for me, as I live on a farm!

  2. Brilliant! In six minutes, sir, you’ve given us all a tool that can be used by practically ANYONE who can understand basic English, regardless of race, religion, culture, education level, or personal background. I look forward to your additional videos, and invite others to do so! Thank you for making these available.

  3. It’s kind of a magic trick. And it explains why I sometimes have trouble seeing what someone else is describing. Until I get the goal they might be holding, why they are discussing something at all, I don’t quite understand what it is they are seeing in a situation. And of course, my own goals can cloud or filter my perception of another’s viewpoint.

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