3 thoughts on “The WINS Formula

  1. This formula seems to work well no matter where someone is starting from. From nothing working, to one piece already working, the answers can get the parts working, or affirm that everything is working well enough.

  2. I absolutely love the WINS formula, and use it at least twice a week to help achieve and sustain that “winner’s mind-set” I depend upon to stay mentally and physically healthy, post-stroke. One important benefit I’ve noticed: the more I run the WINS formula, the less susceptible I become to becoming a “victim” in my own head. In fact, I’ve learned that just about ANY external circumstance or situation can become a “win”–and if I don’t see one, I can go ahead and invent one! Thank you, sir, for this help.

  3. Using the Wins Formula daily has helped me change my focus on what’s going wrong to see it as a way to improve and turn it into a win. Appreciating my wins, I’m now more aware of opportunities.

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